Holiday Shop Update

Available November 17th at 8pm EST

Many of us wish not to admit that the holidays are fast approaching. The frenzy of finding that perfect gift can cause hours of sleep lost! Instead of stressing this year keep small businesses in mind. As the stress begins to build, breathe, and remember the little things the person you’re shopping for loves. Do they love tea, coffee or hot chocolate? Handmade jewelry? Unique Chocolate? Or perhaps a new handmade mug! Supporting a small business does so many beautiful things. When you give a handmade gift you have the opportunity to explain about the artist or small shop you found, making the gift even more special. You’re giving your hard earned money to another human being who will spend it on food for their family, gifts for their children/nieces/nephews, and supplies for their business. Shopping small does wonders to the world by connecting so many of us together. 
 To celebrate the season of giving AVR will be putting out two shop updates filled with designs that have been adored by so many.
This first shop update will include Little Dark Cloud pendants and rings, Enchanted Pumpkin Pendants, Cuppa Potion Pendants, Worry Stone Pendants and Watchful Eye Pendants.