How to purchase AVR

Monthly Collections: Every month AVR releases a large collection of new pieces. This collection becomes available for purchase at a specific date and time which is announced via Instagram and Facebook with ample time for followers to be ready. Collections have sold out within 10-20 minutes in the past. It is best to be on the website a few minutes prior to the collection release time. (Pre-orders and reserves are not accepted)

Surprise Listings: Surprise listings are similar to "silent listings" in that they are completely random, however, AVR will announce them on social media at the exact moment they are available. If you follow AVR on Facebook or Instagram a post will be made when a surprise design is available for purchase at that exact moment. There will be no warning as to when these surprise listings will happen or what designs will be available until the surprise post has been made. (Pre-orders and reserves are not accepted.)

Custom Orders: Custom orders are not accepted. This is a strict policy as creative freedom is imperative for an artist to create quality work they are truly happy with. Inquires are consistent despite not being accepted and to keep it fair for everyone AVR does not make exceptions on this policy. 

Hidden Ring Bath Bombs

Discontinued until further notice.

Ingredients: AVR Hidden Ring Bath Bombs are handmade with high quality all natural ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Organic Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (gentle soap to create calming bubbles), Organic Coconut oil, Water, Fragrance/Essential Oil blend, all natural colorants from plant powders or clays, FDA approved cosmetic shimmer powder.

What is inside: Inside every bath bomb hides one handmade sterling silver AVR ring which ranges in price from $10-$100+. AVR will showcase the ring designs that are hidden in each collection on social media first. There is no knowing which ring you will find until you have used your bath bomb and the plastic container floats to the surface of your bath revealing your hidden ring!

Ordering more than one size: Due to the limited amount of designs per size please take into consideration that if you purchase more than one size you may find the same exact ring design more than once. This cannot be controlled as there is no way of knowing which ring design is in which bath bomb until they are used. It is luck of the draw!

Sizes available: During check out you are able to select your ring size. Bath Bombs are available in ring sizes 5-5.5, 6-6.5, 7-7.5, 8-8.5, 9-9.5, and 10-10.5. As stated before, there is no way of knowing which ring is in which bath bomb until they are used. Due to this, AVR is unable to hand pick a size closer to a .5 size or closer to a full size. They will all be labeled "5, 6, 7, 8, N (for size 9 as to not confuse with size 6) or 10" for organizational purposes but the rings inside can range from a full size to a half size. Please take this into account when ordering your size! AVR is not responsible for a ring not fitting perfectly, as these size options were created to make it easier for many to order.

Checking out: AVR Hidden Ring Bath Bombs are highly sought after as they are released in small batches due to the amount of time each collection takes to make. Please be prepared on launch day as they have sold out in less than a minute in previous collections. Placing an item in your cart does not "hold" it while you're entering payment information. This means if someone finishes the payment process before you do they will receive the order and the website will alert you that the item has sold out before you can fully complete your order. This is to ensure everyone has a fair chance and is also a safety net to ensure the limited number of products do not oversell more than AVR has made. It is recommended that you are on the website prior to the release time and to refresh the page frequently as soon as the release time has arrived. An item is not officially yours until you receive a confirmation email(Due to high demand, no pre-orders or reserves are accepted. First come first serve only.)

After use: Due to the natural oils used to moisturize the skin a slippery surface may be left on the tub if not cleaned properly after the water has drained. To avoid this be sure to rinse and wipe down the tub after you have drained your bath water.

Allergen information: contains coconut oil

US and Canada shipping only:
Due to the fragility of the bath bombs and high priority shipping costs being more expensive than the cost of the bath bomb themselves AVR will only ship within the US and Canada only. If a purchase is placed and the shipping address is neither within the US or Canada a full refund will be issued and the bath bomb re-listed to be sold.

Combined Shipping: If more than one order is placed under the same name, all orders will be combined during packaging and any shipping overages will be refunded. A refund will be made AFTER your order has been packaged and the shipping cost calculated. Please keep in mind, larger boxes will be required for multiple orders and will have a higher shipping cost. Any overages paid will be refunded. If the box needed ends up being more expensive to ship than what you paid, that will be on AVR.

Pricing: AVR creates a Hidden Ring Bath Bomb collection every other month. Since each collection varies in ring designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and ingredients the pricing of each collection is subject to change. The price will be announced along with the ring designs on the AVR Instagram page prior to launch date.


Credit and Debit cards: All major debit and credit cards are accepted. During check out be sure to enter correct billing information.
PayPal: PayPal payments are accepted. If you pay using an e-check your order will not ship until the payment has cleared. E-checks can take up to 7 business days to clear.
Billing: Charges will appear on your billing statement as 'SP* AVR JEWELRY'
Payment Plans: Payment plans are not available. Potential missed or late payments require additional communication, therefore taking time away from the studio.

Processing, canceling & modifying orders

Processing times: All orders will be processed and shipped within 3-5 business days. After it has shipped it will be delivered via USPS within the delivery times noted under 'Shipping' below.
Canceling: All sales are final. Should you have accidentally purchased a wrong size ring and your actual ring size is still available or you would like a different item of the same value please email me before your item has shipped. 
Modifying: Modifications cannot be made to any orders unless the shipping information or email you have provided is incorrect. Please email customersupport@arianavictoriarose.com with your order number and preferred shipping address within 24 hours of purchase.

Shipping & Tracking

Domestic orders: All US orders will be shipped insured via USPS priority mail and delivered within 1-3 business days. 

Canada: Shipped via USPS first class mail and delivered within 7-14 business days.
Select International Locations: Shipped insured via USPS flat rate priority mail and delivered within 6-10 business days. (AVR only ships to the following international countries: Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.)
Tracking: Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with your tracking number. Tracking information will be available with-in 24-48 hours via USPS.

Lost, misdelivered, stolen or damaged package after shipment

Please note, once a package is in USPS custody it is their responsibility to deliver your package safely. AVR has zero control over how a package is delivered by USPS. Below are in-depth steps you can take should any issues arise.

Lost/Misdelivered package: Your tracking number states delivered but you've searched high and low with no luck of finding your package! You even looked under the cat just in case! Do not fear. This is the most common USPS delivery issue and is usually always fixed within a few days. Here's what you need to do as soon as you can. Contact your local post office FIRST! If you would like to alert AVR of the issue please do so but note AVR can only see the same exact tracking information you're seeing. Your local post office can see exactly where your postman/woman last scanned your package to see if it was actually misdelivered to another house. If your package was indeed misdelivered to the wrong house, hopefully, your friendly neighbor will walk it over while they take their dog out. If they don't within 7 business days your local post office can contact them and work to retreive the package back for a proper re-delivery. If 7 business days pass and still no luck your post office will already be aware of this situation and can help you file a missing package request. AVR will not issue a refund for a missing package. Your package was insured by USPS and should the package have gone missing on their account it is their responsibility to issue you a full refund.

Damaged package: Oh my gosh! It looks like the postman/woman SAT on your package and the item inside is damaged! What?! Sadly, it happens. AVR puts extra care into her packaging for this exact reason. If this should happen to your order the most important thing you can do is take pictures immediately. Take pictures of the packaging. Take pictures of the damaged item... all of it! AVR is not responsible for a refund but will help you file an insurance claim with USPS as they are the ones responsible for the damage and a refund. However, it is imperative that you contact AVR immediately to get this going.

Stolen package: This is the least common issue AVR has encountered but it can happen, especially around the holidays. Please note AVR and USPS will not issue a refund for this. Since USPS delivered your package properly it is not their responsibility should it be stolen off of your property. If you are worried about this happening to you or it has happened in the past please contact AVR immediately after placing an order and ask for signed confirmation delivery. This will cost a few extra dollars but will ensure a safer delivery! Again, AVR and USPS will not issue a refund should your package be stolen off of your property after a proper delivery.

If a package is returned to AVR due to an incorrect address/undeliverable address and you would like AVR to resend it you will be required to pay for return shipping.

International: If your package has not been delivered within 6-10 business days please check your tracking number to see if it is being held at your local post office or customs. If your package is being held at customs you may be required to pay additional taxes due to the package entering your country. This is out of AVR's control as this is a regulation of your country, therefore a refund will not be issued for this amount. If your package is returned to AVR due to an incorrect address, un-paid customs taxes, etc. You will be required to pay return shipping if you choose to receive the piece back or AVR will refund the full amount of the piece minus original shipping costs once the package is back in AVR's possession. 'Return to the sender' from international countries can take anywhere from 6-10 weeks. Any refunds will not be made until the package has been returned to AVR via USPS. Your package is fully insured by USPS. If your item is lost, damaged or misdelivered due to a mistake on USPS's behalf AVR will not issue a refund. USPS is responsible to issue you a refund. You must file a missing/damaged package claim through USPS.com as soon as possible. 

Returns and Exchanges

All sales are final. However, if you have accidentally purchased the wrong ring size and your actual ring size is still available or if you would like to change your order to another item of the same value that is still available please email AVR before your order has shipped.

Discounts and sales

Any available discounts or sales will be announced via Instagram and will strictly run for as long as stated. Discounts or sales are released during a business milestone and may have product/collection restrictions. Due to each and every piece of AVR being handmade from start to finish, there are no discounts on bulk orders or for returning customers.


Due to schedule restraints and high demand wholesale is not available.

Collaborations, blog features, and reviews

At this time AVR does not sponsor bloggers, ambassadors or social media models. If you purchase a piece please feel free to review it.

Damaged jewelry and discoloring of stones or patina

All AVR jewelry is built by hand with love and should be treated as such. Pieces are fragile and require delicate care. If a piece is dropped and damaged, submerged in water or damaged at fault of the owner a repair or replacement will not be made without charge. Please refer to Jewelry Care and learn how to properly care for your AVR jewelry.

Repairs and resizing

Repairs and resizing are not available on non-AVR jewelry. Resizing can only be done on specific AVR pieces and will be noted in the product description if available. If you inquire about a repair please note there will be a cost depending on the amount of damage done. All shipping is buyer's responsibility. 

Ring Sizes

Please refer to my ring size guides and charts here.

Self-taught silversmithing

Silversmithing is a tedious, dangerous and expensive craft. Working with metals, gas torches and chemicals creates toxic fumes that are extremely dangerous if inhaled. Please be sure to do extensive research via youtube videos, books and online searches about the process before diving in. You will need a well-ventilated area as well as protective eye and proper respiratory wear that needs to be worn during the process. If you are looking to teach yourself be prepared to invest about $1k in tools and supplies and learn by trial and error for about a year before you start to hone in on your skills. Please do not contact about how to get started. AVR was started after years of research, persistence, trial, error, and practice which cannot be condensed into a few quick paragraphs. There are many videos of the process online that can be viewed with a quick search or local classes that you can sign up for. This will give you a sneak peek at how long of a process is required to do simple pieces and how many skills are required to pursue the art form. Good luck with your journey!

Hand-painted glassware

At this time AVR hand-painted glassware is not available. As stated previously custom orders or requests are not accepted. When hand-painted glassware is available it will be announced via social media. 


If your question has not been answered please fill out the form below or send an email to customersupport@arianavictoriarose.com.

You will receive a response within 24-48 hours unless the answer is stated above. This page has been created for both your and AVR's convenience. Responding to questions that are clearly answered above takes time away from creating!