Jewelry Care

Precious Metal Jewelry Care

All AVR jewelry is handmade using either 925 Sterling Silver, 999 Fine Silver, 14k Solid Rose Gold, 18k Solid Yellow Gold, or Gold Fill and will have these metals stated in the product listing.
Store your precious metal jewelry in an airtight container away from sunlight.
Polish using a dry jewelry polishing cloth only. Avoid liquid polishing solutions or wet jewelry polishing cloths.
Do not submerge in water. Remove your jewelry before washing hands, showering, swimming, cleaning, or exercising.
Do not drop or store near sharp objects as irreplaceable damage may occur.

Bronze, Brass, and Copper Care
Some AVR pieces will have copper or bronze details. These pieces require the same care as precious metals but a designated polishing cloth. Be sure to use a dry copper, bronze, or brass polishing cloth depending on your piece.

These metals are also much softer than silver so take extra care when wearing.

Opals are beautiful and rare gifts from our Earth but are extremely fragile. Extra care must be provided to Opal jewelry. 

Pearls are resilient and meant to be worn, but they are also delicate and require proper care. Keep away from lotions, hair products, and cosmetics and be sure to wipe down with a micro-fiber or jewelry polishing cloth after it's been worn. Pearls are exceptionally shock-resistant, but may be scratched if in contact with sharp objects. Be sure to store in a safe, cool and dry place when not being worn. However, leaving your pearl for long periods may cause it to dehydrate, so enjoy it frequently!

Pyrite is a beautiful stone, however, is extremely toxic when submerged in water as it creates sulfuric acid. DO NOT GET PYRITE WET.

Please note due to its nature, natural Turquoise may change color as it ages and is worn. This is to be appreciated as it is a natural stone.

Other Gemstones
To see the hardness of a specific stone on the Mohs scale visit and view the easy to read chart. Some gems are sensitive to sunlight and with prolonged exposure may change color. Always store your jewelry in a cool, airtight, and dark space.

Patina is a chemical (most commonly sulfur) used to create the black, velvety recessed parts on a piece of jewelry. Patina is usually used when stamping or when layers of metal are used to create depth. Although patina is done with chemicals it can wear off with time if not properly cared for. Keep any piece containing patina away from water, salt water, cosmetics, and hair products. Contact with any of these can cause discoloration or removal of the patina.